Saturday, March 9, 2013


Ok guys!  This is it!  The grand finale!  Let's now see how everything looks after all the renovations have been done, starting with that wall mural across from the dining room, a bit from the upstairs lounge adjacent to this wall and then working our way around to the main hallway, elevator and back!

Wall across from upstairs dining room.
Upstairs lounge (for activities etc.) in the background to your left.

A wall mural in the upstairs lounge

Column mural in the upstairs lounge

Around the corner - the main hallway

Then as we head around the corner, here is an idea what things looked like before in the main hallway...

And how they look now...

Hallway looking South

Elevator (hidden) to the left

And of course, who could forget the elevator...

Hallway looking North.  Entrance to the main dining room can be seen in the background on the left.

Hallway looking North

 The Laundry doors...

The Housekeeping doors...

Remember that alley way door, (the housekeeping storage room door)?

  And the cat on the couch looking out the window?

And that's it!  Hope you all enjoyed viewing this mural make-over!  To see how things looked before, click here for the first post.  Thanks to Darlene for the unique murals and thanks for viewing!


  1. God bless those who organized and accomplished this deed of great kindness!

    1. Amen to that!

      Like it or not, (because some family members, not many... just a few, find it a bit too much, lol), but like it or not, it's truly a whole other atmosphere when you arrive on this second floor. Also, interestingly enough, the residents on this floor seem to be in a 'better' mood than the ones below!!

      The home went through extensive renovations such as bringing safety codes up-to-date by adding water sprinklers throughout the building, checking and removing any asbestos, remodelling rooms etc., but this was the most interesting and 'fun' part of the whole experience... and the best choice they ever made!

      Thanks AOW for your support through this whole process!


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