Sunday, March 31, 2013

0 The TALL SAIL SHIPS GATHERING - Oostende, BELGIUM (45 Snapshots)

It was a beautiful sunny, albeit windy, day back in April of 2008, in Oostende, Belgium.  Perfect for the sails and even better for picture taking.  We went wild with the pictures as you can see!

Every year, Ostend plays host to a festival which sees dozens of historical boats and tall ships all gathered together . Between 125 and 175 boats converge each year in the Belgian city.

Some of them are just amazing!!

Nice mermaid on the bow!

There's miniature model ships that can be seen also for all those model-ship hobbyists!!

A wartime kayak...

Musicians to accompany the sea 'shanties'...

"Sweet Oven Cookies"


Remembering the Canadian soldiers who died in Ostend during WWII...

The last of the ships that went fishing in Iceland...

So many ships everywhere!  It was a great day indeed!  Thanks for viewing!

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