Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We were in Belgium visitng friends in Flanders and guess what.. it was carnival time!  Even though we had no kids 'on hand', we sure felt like kids once again just walking through it all!  The colours were so vibrant all over that we we just had to capture the moment.  Aaaah.  The memories of carnival time.  It's the same everywhere!  No matter where in the world they are, the rides and the fond memories of carnival time are always the same.

"Pastry From the Coast"

"Sugar Spider aka Candy Floss aka Cotton Candy"

"Health Pharmacy"
In the middle of his sign it says ' uw dagelijks vitamientje' which means "your daily vitamins"... But we're saying.. healthy food... at a carnival?  Lol.  That's a first!

 'De Vliegher & Son' a famous brand name and the best oliebollen makers!  Well, that's our opinion, lol.

It always amazes us how fast they can set up AND pull down everything.  It must be a lot of work!

Darn this one didn't come out so well!

Ok, time to go get our Van Gogh Portraits done, lol.

Thanks for viewing!


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