Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We're almost done guys!
Remember the wall with the 4 doors two of which were done?  Now it's time to see what's going on with the other 2 plus the final touches around the elevator.

Remember that mustard-looking colour housekeeping door?

It's suppose to be some street alley depicted on it, but for now this is all we have of it.

We'll get back to it later.  Let's check out what they have beed doing around the elevator....

Darlene's assistant painted some nice pots of flowers and vines around the elevator giving it such a warm and inviting effect.

It's amazing how she makes them come to life just by using the right shadowing...

Then she added some flowers to that huge vase by the elevator... remember that one?

And the results are beautiful!!

Back to the doors.  Here we have both laundry doors finally completed!

Croissant and a good book anyone?

Meanwhile, Darlene was busy tackling another blank wall.  This time, this one was across from the main dining room where the residents eat 3x a day.

Nice view!  And she incorporated an existing lamp into the mural!  Awesome!

Oh!  Remember we promised a few emergency exit door murals?  Here's one of them...
If you recalled from the first post, that emergency exit door you could see from the elevator:

Well, since the elevator was such a huge success, they wanted her to do the same with the exit doors since the residents were always trying to get out through these doors also (even though all doors had security codes).

And voila!

"CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS"!  Good one!  Now they'll definitely stay away!

Anyone noticed the mouse?  I didn't, till much, much later when it was pointed out to me!  I thought it was a simple crack /hole in the bottom of the door to give it the effect of a 'rotting' door.

And here's the other...  And yes, that is an emergency exit door.

2nd emergency exit door - opened.
Notice the scratch marks on the door already.  It was only painted 2 hours earlier.

Amazing isn't it?  Stay tuned for the final post!


  1. Really , really well done , for a second i thought the standing lamp was real, till i saw he second closeup pic.:)

  2. Lovely!

    I rather imagine that those confined to the facility enjoy this aesthetic improvement -- even if they cannot communicate due to dementia or physical disability.

    1. Oh yes! As a matter of fact, even the staff, family, visitors... they all love the improvement. You can really feel the difference when you go from downstairs up to this 2nd floor. It's a whole other atmosphere - which everyone seems to love!

  3. In the D.C. area, there are a lot of artistic students in school and homeschool settings -- and lots of nursing homes too. Something like this would make a great volunteer project!


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