Monday, January 9, 2012

0 SPRING-like Weather in December? (16 Snapshots)

I'm not sure what's going on but I was pleasantly surprise this past weekend at the wonderful spring-like weather we had.  It should have been much colder this time of year but we were hovering around 2-4°C and it seems to be going up in temp from here!

I hope it's not the calm before the storm... being as I've heard Alaska received 18 ft. (5.4m) of snow as I was creating this post.

Anyways, I took some snapshots to capture the moment...

Even the pond looked a bit frozen still, lol.

These pics, by the way, were taken from a second floor window... through a mesh screen!  Can you tell?

Those were from yesterday.  These were from today:

Did you see the squirrels in the 2 pics above?

Even our local supermarket was getting the Spring-bug... selling tropical plants and all, lol.

Sigh, I know it will be awhile before Spring is here, but I'll take this weather any day over snow.  Not that I hate snow mind you, I just hate scraping it off my car!!

Thanks for viewing!

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