Friday, June 1, 2012

0 Kiwanis Aquatic Centre and Library - Construction Update (38 Snapshots)

Well, it's been over 4 months (since January 11, 2012) that I originally posted pics of the construction of our new aquatic centre and library.  They're still not done yet.

To me, this construction seems to be going slower than mollasses.
I mean, I'm no expert but the orignal opening date was scheduled for Fall 2011, and it is now Summer 2012.

Anyways, waaaay further on down the page, I manage to capture more shots 2 weeks later when they were laying down the sod.

The front of the library?

This was originally a HUGE park which has a variety of facilities for all types of users.

Two lighted soccer fields and lighted tennis courts provide opportunities for day or evening play. The playground and splash pad provide dry or wet fun for children. Now we will soon have a library and a place to swim indoors!

Entrance to the pool/side entrance

They seem to be working inside mostly when I noticed the landscaping had already began!

Another side entrance on opposite side

At least the landscaping - my favourite part - was finally underway...


Still not completed but I captured pics of them laying down the new sod.  And, I don't think those trees were there before - at least not all of them...  Nope!  I just checked the above shots (gosh, my memory is terrible!), lol.

Holy crap!  Look on the skids and skids of  rolled up grass!

I'm not exactly sure what or why this is at the moment...

Cutting the old grass from the rest of the park.

Stay tuned....

Thanks for viewing!

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