Sunday, August 12, 2012

4 Car Hunting... (13 Snapshots)

We've decided to go car hunting for the fun of it.  Every where we go - there are all kinds of sales going on.  Who knows?  Maybe we'll actually buy a car if the price is right.

We know we don't like them too small - so for now, our biggest dilema is European... or American.

We drove by this one stretch of road in our town and discovered there were 3 car dealerships alone in a half-a-block strip.

Some were even open on Sundays!

Hmmm, this BMW didn't look too bad...

Wow!  $6000.00 off!!  I wonder what was the selling price! lol. 

Nice little car, but too small!  Hey!  Was that the Toyota Scion IQ?  We should have checked.. lol.

How about a NISSAN?

Pick-up trucks are always handy...

We're loving the new Altimas...


We've seen alot of these Mazdas around, especially the blue ones! lol.

Wait a minute.
What's that over yonder....

Ah! A 2009 Accura for $23,990.00.

And another....

Nice!  I'm loving it!  And black - my favourite colour for a car!  And it looks so 'heavy'...
Yes, I'm definitely loving it!

Holy sh**t!  Almost 30 grand for a 2010!  Well, this is one for our book of cars to be considered....

Oh well, 'till next time.


  1. Hmmm.......Nice 'Toys' consider next time a 'real car' like this for example:

    Engine 13.6 litre V16 .
    Using clever electrical systems the engine of the Cadillac Sixteen can run on as little as 4 of its 16 cylinders to conserve fuel.

    The Cadillac Sixteen rides on 24 inch wheels

    1. Oh that one seems nice n' heavy also Will! But the engine alone will kill me... on gas. Need something more practical.. and affordable, lol.

  2. Wow! Great cars! They’re cool. I like the blue Mazda the most, and the Accura looks so chic. Have you seen the new Mazda 6? It’s fast with 170hp, and it is elegant. Drivers with a thrill for adrenaline will really like this. What do you think, Kath?

  3. Thanks for sharing this post, Kath. But as much as the discounts are tempting, you should be aware of the condition of the product. We have to be thrifty nowadays; however, there are things that we can't compromise when we're buying a car.

    Ava @Elite Toyota


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