Saturday, July 21, 2012

0 The KIWANIS AQUATIC CENTRE and LIBRARY - Completion!! (23 Snapshots)

Yeaaaa! It's finally completed.. and I missed it!!  It was completed over 2 weeks ago!  I was so busy that I hadn't had time to see how they were doing and next thing I knew - the parking lot was full with cars!  I don't remember any 'grand-opening' celebration or anything so I was surprise to discover it was open - up and running for weeks.

I later learnt the opening ceremonies were held on July 3rd so, it's been open awhile. Our new Kiwanis Aquatic Centre has a bigger and brighter branch for our public library as well as two new pools (an 8-lane 25m pool and a leisure pool). 

All those constant delays -  construction or otherwise, seemed to have been forgotten as the parking lot quickly filled up with cars.

Here are some pics I've managed to capture for the moment....



Sorry.. was driving by and couldn't get a good shot but it appears the flower arrangements is suppose to be someone swimming? lol

One side of the building - where the pool is located and opposite the other side which has the parking lot

Park is still intact - behind the library and parking lot

Main Central Entrance into the library

Some night shots I took a week or so earlier of the same pic above...

Finally all done and completed!  And the little ones can still continue on to splash in the splash pad area of the park without a care as to what just took place in the last year and a half...


Thanks for sharing this experience with us!

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