Monday, January 30, 2012

0 A Day At the Mall... (13 Snapshots)

Another day at the mall...

We decided to go to the mall the other day, a friend and I.  It wasn't the greatest day for such an outing but hey, like The Rolling Stones say - You Can't Always Get What You Want.

I was surprise and a bit pissed (angry), that the parking lot was almost already full.  Here I took a snapshot from the highway.  Actually, my friend did, since she wanted me to drive, lol. 

Now, this is just an average size mall in an average size town (yawning)... boring, yes. Remember, bigger cities such as Toronto have BIGGER malls! lol. I mean The West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada has not only in indoor waterpark but a huge indoor skating rink... just to name a few things it has. So this mall is really, really boring. But hey! You came here to see MY snapshots - right? Boring or not!

I didn't mind driving.  I love driving her old '97 Chrysler Intrepid, (which I know some call Increpid), because it still runs great after 15 years.  They just don't make them like they used to...

Here, my friend took this pic while I held her cane, lol. Then I took the rest of pics, from here on in. Recognize any store that's similar in your town/country?

It maybe winter outside, but it was sure hot inside!

My favourite section - the Food Court.  Sorry, these 2 were not very good pics.  They were slightly blurry.  I guess I was too excited about eating...

That's it... for now!
Thanks for viewing!

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