Thursday, March 15, 2012

0 A 'Spring-like Weather' Stroll - (17 Snapshots)

It was such a beauuuuuuuuuuuutiful spring-like weather yesterday so I went for a stroll and decided to bring my camera along.

Check out this HUGE tree in front of this house!

This one was partially covered with vines/leaves... cool!

Beautiful silver birch tree...

Couldn't resist taking this bird house before walking underneath it...

Our, one-of-many, local fire station...

(Later when I drove by, they had the trucks out, washing them down. lol)

My big head was in the way unfortunately, so I cropped it from this pic.  Unfortunately also, I cut out the second guy that was in the pic.  I felt bad, so I 'darkened' or 'softened' (call it what you want), the entire pic thereby making my face less obvious and hopefully making the second guy MORE obvious!

Lots of acorns around this tree!

Cute sign, lol..

It was a great day to get your oil changed......

And then later go for a cold one!

Hmmm, did that sign say 'Elm st.'?   This better not turn out to be a nightmare...

Thanks for viewing!

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