Monday, January 21, 2013


We were visiting a long-term care home when we noticed some changes going on. They were getting the walls prepped for some painting, but not just any kind of painting.  A mural makeover was about to take place!

Darlene was the artist who took on this project, with the aid of her partner.  It took them roughly over a month and a half to complete this challenging task. It would have been shorter she said but she was working on other projects at the time, and finding the appropriate time to do this kind of work in a long-term care home, (when residents were asleep in bed), proved to be an extra challenge in itself.

We'll show you snapshots of how things progressed. We have decided to do this in 3(or 4) parts which will include 2 main walls of a major hallway, 2 emergency exit doors, the elevator and more!
(Residents names and faces are obscured to protect their identities.)

Doors to  Housekeeping and Storage

The home wanted something unique and was ready for a complete makeover.  They eventually had the floors replaced also as you will see in the final photos, but we wanted to concentrate on the artwork by Darlene.

Renovations took place throughout this entire long-term care home but the mural project was concentrated on the 2nd floor.  Unfortunately, we wanted to take some 'before' snapshots of both walls, but Darlene was already busy working on the first wall by the time we wanted to take the shots!

This is the first wall she started on.  This side of the wall contained 2 doors - an office manager door and a storage door.  She started off with the painting of these big stones!

Huge stone pattern on walls.

Picture window roughed-in.

A few days later....

It was slowly starting to come together...

Picture windows finally complete.  Yum!  Looks delicious!
Office manager door is still yet to be completed.

The photo just below of a shot from the elevator is interesting since the emergency exit door shown down the hall in the background to the left, will also be transformed...

A view from inside the elevator entering the floor.

Although we couldn't get a 'before' shot of this wall, the second wall was the most interesting since it contained more doors... and the elevator, which made for an even more awesome mural as you will later see.

Laundry and Housekeeping doors getting prepped.  Partial view of  elevator to the right.

Weeks later... this side of the wall was completed!

View of hallway heading North.  Mural on one wall completed.
Laundry and housekeeping doors to the right.

Soon time for the next wall!

South view of the hallway.  Laundry and housekeeping doors to the left.

So when you step off the elevator, this is what you would see.  Signs pointing to the corresponding floors.

And for an added touch... some ivy.

Stay tuned!


  1. Wonderful improvement!

    Fixing up the facility will help the mindset of the residents.

    Mr. AOW was in a very attractive nursing home. In fact, most of the cognizant residents thought of the facility as "home." Part of the reason for their choosing the facility: the beautiful interior decoration.

  2. Thanks AOW! Did the nursing home you speak of also had murals on the walls?
    The residents here apparently do love the change. Their actions speak louder than words! They are more content, less agitated from what we have seen.

    Stay tuned for more...

  3. Kath,
    I don't recall murals. But I do recall that the hallways weren't plain. Well, except for that one hall where the worst patients were housed.

    The hall where Mr. AOW stayed had a bulletin boards and several original works of art.


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