Monday, February 4, 2013


It had been roughly 3 weeks later when Darlene and her assistant started working on the other side of the hallway - including the elevator.

These are a few pictures showing the wall before she started working on it.

Two Housekeeping doors.

One of two laundry doors.

Partial view of elevator

Wall and all four doors ready to be painted.
Elevator is just out of view to the right.

On the previous post, we showed one door she already started on.

They had to work around certain obstacles sometimes like the hand sanitizers that were placed every so many feet throughout the entire area.

Door to laundry room partially opened.

A week or so later, we could really see the walls transforming.  But before we show you that you have to check out the elevator.  Darlene worked on it one night... one very late night she said, from 10pm till 4am.  The results were fantastic!

We thought the "CLOSED" sign was an excellent touch!  We found out later that it also helped in deterring some residents from trying to 'escape' onto the elevator. Instead of always hanging around it, they would now bypass it since they thought it was CLOSED!

The marble look was also appealing!

Even staff members were pleased!

Personal Support Worker (PSW) - "Siony"

Darlene later added the brick-looking wall to the left side of it(or right-side depending on your point of view), giving it a really nice feel.

Housekeeper - "Rosslyn"

The other side was a different effect which was also quite appealing.

Then they later added a bit of ivy to that box to the right of the elevator.

We'll show you more of what she did around the elevator later.  Back to the wall...

Burnt orange door (laundry door #1). Blue door (housekeeping door #1)

2nd housekeeping door with roughed-in window to the left.

Roughed-in window.

Remember that blue door?  A few days later...

New look for first housekeeping door!  laundry door#1 almost complete!

And a few more days later...

Roughed-in window taking shape. Nice brick work!

Some more ivy added to the top of housekeeping door #1.

Ah! So THAT'S what that's suppose to look like!  Later that day...

Roughed-in window shows a cat on a couch looking outside.

See you guys soon with more!

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